Healing Emotional Wounds, Tapping into Inspiration, Creativity and Your Authentic Self

Are you looking to do some deep therapy work? Maybe, you want to heal past emotional traumas and free yourself from the emotional scars affecting your current quality of life.

Maybe you are in the process of self-discovery with a goal of living a more authentic life.

Possibly, you are an artist, musician, writer or creative type looking to tune into inspiration and your authentic voice.

You may be a spiritual seeker, looking to explore a stronger connection with the divine.

Sharon Stark is a certified EMDR therapist, certified hypnotherapist and a soul collage facilitator who uses these modalities along with other creative methods to help her clients evolve into the people they long to be.

Cost of all sessions are $130 per hour.

Online sessions available.

Sharon also takes the following insurances for psychotherapy – Aetna, BC/BS, Highmark.



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